by Sreekanth Kopuri

A cyclist pedals on his
dream that hangs before
like the bag of medicine for

his love, a quarantined
secret in the charpoy of
a few breaths that tick

like the clock, tired of its
cycle our hatred  broke
locking the earth, down

the narrow road he sneaks
re-tipping the police to break
the lock, down the curfew

road, but only to the sunset
that prohibits a procession
to the dry-eyed lonely funeral.

Sreekanth Kopuri is an Indian English poet from Machilipatnam, India. He has recited his poetry and presented his research papers in many countries. His poems and research articles have been widely published in journals like Heartland Review, Nebraska Writers Guild, Poetry Centre San Jose, Underground Writers Association, Word Fountain, A New Ulster, Synaeresis, Wend Poetry, Vayavya, Ann Arbor Review, Halcyon Days Magazine, to mention a few. His book Poems of the Void was the finalist for the EYELANDS BOOKS AWARD.  Kopuri is presently an independent research scholar in contemporary poetry, silence, and Holocaust poetry. He lives in his hometown Machilipatnam with his mother teaching and writing. Varada J.M is a 9th-grader based in Kerala’s Koyilandi, studying at Rani Public School, Vadakara. After hurriedly doing homework, Varada divides her time between practicing classical dance and watching horror films. She loves dogs but nobody at home wants one.