To My Skype Friend

by Shalom Galve Aranas

Time is teeming within the walls

of your room in Italy

where I find you

again and again

almost in tears

as we hear the bells

of the churches

tolling simultaneously

In a burst

of sunrise

and birds alighting from

the shiny,

wet cobbled stones.

I sigh a relief

you still belong

to my world

where I intend to keep

you each day

until the day

we shall finally

meet for real,

my friend.

Shalom Galve Aranas is a freelance writer published in Enchanted Conversations, Stereo Stories, St. Andrews College, and elsewhere. She is a loving, single mother of two. Illustrated by Ramabhadran S., who is a 19-year-old artist based in Kerala’s Thalassery. He is a student of National Institute of Fashion Technology.