The Bird of Stillness

by Paola Caronni

Your voice echoes in the stillness
Of malady, silence,
The roads brought to a halt,
The cars at night like rare blinking of eyes.
Only drilling still continues on a slope nearby.
Landslides must be contained at all costs.

You’re loud and frank,
The anchor of our shipwrecked minds.
There’s still life
Beyond this curtain
That fell to end the play:
Ladies and gentlemen,
We’ll welcome you later again.

Sharp and unapologetic,
Sunrays, winds or rain you’re there.
We treasure your recurring calls
On our repetitive days.

We feel there’s some continuity among
The verdant and the noisy inhabitants of the Earth.
As long as there are trees with limbs,
Sing and dance.
You’ll be there, calling your mate,
Telling us
To hold on, stay awake.

Paola Caronni hails from Italy and lives in Hong Kong. She works as a translator and Vice-Director and Editor of the online magazine Ciao Magazine. Paola holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Hong Kong and an MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Milan. Her poems have been included in various poetry collections and on poetry journals and publications. Paola regularly attends poetry readings and loves organising poetry events. Carolyn Monastra is a Brooklyn-based artist, activist and educator. Her recent projects, The Witness Tree and Divergence of Birds, focus on climate impacts on people, landscapes, and wildlife.