Gold Filter

by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

The barbershop pole spins. It’s Wednesday.
My hair is on strike. Hiding behind a mask
I pick up my prescription and pop in the bank.

Man in a wheelchair asks for help across 14th,
a purple velvet throw covering bent legs.
Majesty and misery share his mobile throne.

I post my last holiday parcel to Chapel Hill.
A red-tailed hawk circles the park. Bells clamor.
My granddaughter asks what an omen is.

Midas brushes leftover leaves and gold appears.
Touch me, Midas, if you dare. Go ahead!
My heart will baptize you, drown you in fire.

How much love can one lover bear?
Touch me, Midas. I’ll put a knot in your beard.

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright got his MFA in poetry after studying with Allen Ginsberg. He is a publisher, critic, eco-activist, impresario, and artist, best known as a New Romantic, Post-Surrealist poet. He is author of 17 books of verse, including Blue Lyre from Dos Madres Press and Party Everywhere from Xanadu. Currently he publishes Live Mag!a journal of art and poetry. He is a Kathy Acker Award recipient and recently produced a film highlighting his puppet shows called “Pandemic Puppet Jam” on Youtube. Subhasree Soorya is busy every day with classical dance lessons, music, painting, and mural art alongside shooting videos for social media. This 22-year-old final year BCom student sits in the evening on the long veranda of her ancestral home in Mahe, India and weaves her dreams of becoming a noted artist someday.