Two Poems

by Fizza Abbas


I still remember physics class
at school,
‘It’s nothing but a plane curve
that works under the influence of gravity’,
my teacher said.

I did not know curves need an armour too,
often I wondered.

Now, when they tell me the death toll,
I create an imaginary line,
joining the locus of points
but it doesn’t become a curve.

Perhaps the ball is still ahead of the curve!


I thank the debris
from my clay house,
for providing a three-course meal
to my little ones
amid pandemic

Fizza Abbas is a freelance content writer based in Karachi, Pakistan. She is fond of poetry and music. Her works have been published on many platforms including Poetry Village and Cabinet of the Heed. Illustration by K.Nizar, a multi-disciplinary artist from Kerala’s Kozhikode, who began his career on movie-sets doing art works before becoming a visualization artist for a leading newspaper in Kerala