by Darcy Isla

Darcy Isla (she/they) is a queer, bisexual actor-writer of mixed British and Asian heritage, based in North Yorkshire, England. As well as poetry, she writes short stories, fiction, memoir and scripts for stage and screen. Her previous works include LOVE, ALBERTA; WAYSIDE; 100 FRIGGIN’ POEMS; IT’S OK TO FALL FOR CAMP BOYS (self-published); LITTLE IRRITANTS (Analog Submission Press). Her work has also been featured on Alpha Female Society, Forever Endeavour, Calm Down Magazine, Vagabond City Lit and 330 Words. Ellen Benson is a member of the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers, a group that’s been making art out of cast-off pieces of the urban landscape for 25 years. She makes figures that may incorporate twigs, plastic bags, old doll clothes and limbs, toys, used paintbrushes, yarn, twine, ethnic textiles and found objects. She has a goal of creating 1000 figures called “DIVAS.” She’s made over 600 so far; 200 have been on display at the Philadelphia International Airport. See her work at InLiquid and Unexpected Philadelphia.