I like your mask

by Carrie Daniels

What mask to wear tonight
Is my current dilemma
For I have a date tonight,
during a pandemic.
I met him online, in January,
When the virus was still continents away,
To our knowledge anyway.

Regretting not meeting earlier, we made a plan:
To meet at a park, staying six feet away.
We want to be closer but also fear each other.
We have video chatted; he’s seen my lockdown hair.

Does a solid-colored mask make me look boring?
Maybe this one with stars or this one with cats,
Is this striped one unflattering?

At the park he walks toward me,
Tall with broad shoulders; his eyes so blue.
“I like your mask,” he says with a smile
(or so I imagine)”
And I like yours too,” I said 
From six feet away.

Carrie Daniels lives in Oklahoma where she works in the public health field. She started writing poetry for her blog on a semi-regular basis two years ago and has recently taken up writing lyrics. Her dream is to write a book and collaborate with someone to turn her lyrics into a song. Besides writing, she enjoys attending church (mainly virtually now), hanging out with her pets, and reminiscing about the time when it was easy to find bleach wipes and Lysol. Arabella Luna Friedland is a visual artist and writer based in New York City. She’s influenced by a childhood with cartoons, a classical education in anatomy and life drawing, and a firm belief that all art — is a portrait.