April 1, 2020

by David Need

o honey, you cannot tell them
how bad it is going to
get— that is what dawn is
for —

neither survival nor death will
come easily & yet
once more the quilt changes color
and you are willing to try

it’s been the same every morning
and the truth is
we are not in this together but
some of us are

stay with that I suppose —
what the dawn is

David Need lives in Durham, NC, and has taught Asian Religions and Religion and Literature there since 1997. He has published two collections of his own poetry and two of translations of Rilke. His current projects include translations of the poetry of Nelly Sachs; his academic writing has been on Rilke, Kerouac, Celan, Alice Notly, and Fanny Howe. His poetry has been published in Hambone, Talisman, Lana Turner and Heavy Feathers Review among others. Kim McNealy Sosin is an Emerita Professor of Economics at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Her post-retirement interests include writing and photography. Her poems and photographs have appeared in Fine Lines, Failed Haiku, Daily Haiga, Voices from the Plains, Landscape Magazine, The Heron’s Nest, Wanderlust Journal, Ekphrastic Review, Global Poemic, and Sandcutters.

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