Path Not Taken

by San Lin Tun

Braving enough to tread

on the leaves strewn path?

Just simply for wanting to hear

the crunching and rustling under your feet.

Even the wind that picked

those leaves off from the twigs,

Feels repentant

and makes atonement now.

San Lin Tun is a poet from Myanmar. He is the author of over ten English books including Reading a George Orwell Novel in a Myanmar Teashop and Other Essays, The Enigma of Big Bunny’s Arrival and Other Short Stories, A Shirt and Other Poems, and An English Writer. He is certified in AmPox.3 and Start Writing Fiction. He earned a B.E degree in Metallurgy and an M.A degree in Buddha-Dhamma. Currently, he is a guest fiction editor of Ambrosial Garland Literary Magazine. Nancy Andrews is an artist living outside of Philadelphia. Self taught in photography, she has been perfecting her images for over 15 years. Her subjects include abstracts, images inspired by nature, and observations of the world around her. Along with photography, she spends her days teaching art to little ones, playing ukulele and romping with her two little pups.

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