Some Times

by Tyler Letkeman

Sometimes I forget for a few seconds

And think of where I’ll take you for supper

Some minutes I lean against the window

And hope that anyone, anything will pass by

Some hours I lay on the couch

And somehow end up in the dark

Some days I can’t shake the feeling

That I’m throwing good rabbits after bad

And I can’t remember if that’s even a thing

Some weeks I cut up snack apples

And then cut apples for snacks

Some fortnights I don’t even have the energy

To think of a joke about the game

Some months I forget the days

And the weeks all blend together

Some seasons I obsess over the season

And why our snow won’t melt

Some years, I’m told,

Have only been a month

Tyler Letkeman is a husband, father, brother, son, teacher, learner, reader, nerd, artist, scientist, poet, traveller, vacummer, shy guy, and general-life-enjoy-er. He is the creator, editor, and web-master of four lines, a poetry and art magazine that aims to get to the heart of things as simply as possible, and has recently self-published his first collection of poems, Gaia’s New Clothes. Sabiyha Prince is an anthropologist, artist, and author based in Washington, DC.  Her books and essays explore urban change and African American culture, and her paintings and photo collages grapple with memory, identity, kinship and inequality.

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