I’ll Show Them

by Ann Privateer

The planet’s on fire
They need a lesson before dying
Untethered souls as they might be

Where is the permanence we were
born into? Those of us who refused to
“step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s
back”? But we grew up with plastic everything, radical getting and speeding.
How many cars does one person need?

We feared 2000 might mean the end
But life went on and so did we, unhinged
Unheeding that we, the planet, was walking off a cliff! Even Greta the young
Girl who made sense but…change, what
me? I’ll never change my ways, the planet
will be yours, young folks, you do it.

Ann Privateer is a poet, artist, and photographer. She grew up in the Midwest and moved to California to attend college. Some of her photographs have appeared in Third Wednesday. She won a best of show at the county fair for an abstract oil painting entitled Tooling. Her poetry has appeared in Manzanita and Entering, to name a few.

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