Rural Isolation

by Elaine Reardon

The crow calls after I’ve poured 
a second cup of coffee. The forest is quiet,
aside from Moss Brook, sound

splashing through the open window.
Wood frogs left eggs in the pond last night.
then went quiet this morning.

That crow was the only bird calling today.
No one answered its cry.
Have corvids socially isolated, too?

Spring is quieter this year
aside from those wood frogs
who know how to have a good time.

Right before dusk, they begin to carouse.
I almost hear Billy Strayhorn at 
the piano, and see trays with appetizers

and cocktails passed around the small 
vernal pool, where passion runs
fast and loose down there, just past the garden.

Elaine Reardon is a poet and herbalist. Her first chapbook, The Heart is a Nursery For Hope, won first honors from Flutter Press in 2016. Her second chapbook, Look Behind You, was published by Flutter Press in late 2019. Most recently Elaine’s poetry and essays have been published by Pensive Journal, Naugatuck Journal, UCLA Journal, and several recent anthologies. Carolyn Monastra is a Brooklyn-based artist, activist and educator. Her recent projects, The Witness Tree and Divergence of Birds, focus on climate impacts on people, landscapes, and wildlife.

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