Square Dance

by Valyntina Grenier

No other over you for the climate fire to end this whorl in wonder desire w/ our life’s great fortune confounded by virus/ police violence cancel the rocket spread out the world weary sheet again over our brains/ banners/ bones Nirvana wins our hearts twin the hypotenuse to a new song on the radio we in wonder will we go with our lucky love north to Portland to the Oregon coast pure color/ halcyon tide/ silence/ freedom from heat wave of Chaos feast

Valyntina Grenier is an LGBTQIA+ multi-genre artist living in Tucson, Arizona. Her work has appeared in Sunspot Literary Journal, High Shelf Press, Lana Turner, JuxtaProse, and Bat City Review. Her tête-bêche chapbook Fever Dream / Take Heart, was published by Cathexis Northwest Press, January 2020. Find her also on Instagram. Her artwork that accompanies her poem is entitled “Particle Air/ Negative Cloud.”

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