The Dog

by Shalini Samuel

Leo, the dog with butterfly ears
Painted black all over his body, his face looks brown
Weird are his behaviour, wise are his action
I find his nose in every corner of my domicile.

He roams around, exploring the new shrubs
He counts the frogs and the garden lizards
Drinks the milk, eats the meat with a little rice
Licks away the fish oil and rests on my lap.

Leo, snores when the sun is above my head
Tears to pieces all the fancy bedsheets
Guards his bowl and bed, but forgets me
Social distancing, he is yet to learn.

Bathing session a horrendous turmoil
He hears the evening news and reads the newspaper
Yet he is an ignorant, foolish dog
Not knowing of Corona, he growls at a health worker.

His life is the most beautiful, with nothing to worry,
Happily he dreams, coiled on his small bed.

Shalini Samuel is a bilingual poet from Cape Comorin, India. She pens poems in English and Tamil. Her poems are often seen in online and print anthologies and magazines. She is the author of three poetry collections: Singing Soul, The Painted Life, Drizzle.  She is fond of writing, reading, cooking, and gardening. She is a lover of nature, philosophy, and spirituality. Sulochana Mahe is an artist based in India’s former French outpost Mahe. She dissolves herself day in, day out in social work, and art. Her works include teaching painting to cancer patients, helping them overcome their sense of being doomed. She taught art to 150 prisoners at the Central Prison, Kannur, moving their minds to the softer sides of life. Teaching women at a care home in Thalassery gives her joy that colour can’t.  

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