Missing Piece

by Nikki Marrone

You are far.
Like Mars far.
Like from the couch to the kitchen far.
Like end of the check-out line far.
Like you’re next to me but we aren’t talking far.
Like “but my phone charger is upstairs” far.
Like 3900 miles far.
Like eight hours and three flight changes far.
Like a fifteen hour drive far.
Like international texting rates far.
Like impossibly far.
Like “the concert is a whole week away” far.
Like 204 marathons far.
Like country roads far.
Like “where is the nearest gas station” far.
Like commercial break far.
Like Canada far.

Nikki Marrone is a spoken word performer, published poet, photographer, and wearer of many hats. She is motivated through feelings, of which she has plenty. When she’s not wandering around the world or documenting her adventures, she splits her time between motherhood, performing, creating, and starving as an artist. Stella Bellow is an illustrator currently attending Parsons School of Design in New York City.

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