Four by Four

by Anupama K T

Touch me not.
Apart be.
Hearts apart.
Touch me not.

Four by four

Four bodies they were there.
Split into eight.
The boat rocked once and
they were twelve.
The boat rocked twice;
the sun knocked them dry;
the waves turned them bitter;
the wind sizzled them hot;
and when the night came,
there were a million piece afloat-
shimmered the waters…
Lost were the stories,
lost were the smiles-
at peace finally
they were deaths apart…

Anupama KT, a research scholar in English Literature, lives in Kerala’s Kozikode. She feels she is an Idiot by growth, jobless by effort and lives in a hole. Abhiram JM, based in Kerala’s Koyilandi, is an engineering student at Vimal Jyothi Engineering College, Kannur. Aside from his interest in painting, wall art, and pencil sketches, he calls himself an “indoor singer.” His kid sister Varada J M responds to it by putting her hands over her ears. When she began hovering over her paint box doing art work for Global Poemic, he couldn’t wait to pull out one from his cupboard. Now she demurely takes a sneak peek at what he’s doing.

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