Oh my brain is doing her best

by Amber Garcia

Oh my brain is doing her best
Her little grey bulbus body churning out fear as fast as she can
And I obey her every command
Soap, worry, repeat
My poor hands have never been so clean
I scratch at my scalp till it screams
Then a bit more
When I get lazy and wash my hands a little bit less
She punishes me with these fevers
fear fevers that cripple me into compliance
when they break I do too

She wanders all day and night
How her tiny mushy feet don’t tire
I’ll never know
She leaves every morning and whispers to me so sweet
“I’ll always keep you safe”
So I monitor the twitters and televisions
Like it’s my turn to guard the village
from the lions and riots and bears
But she never comes home in time for supper
And my fingers are tired of sewing crooked masks
Maybe tonight I’ll kiss her cherub cheeks
And tell her that we’re instituting a curfew

Amber Garcia is a college student in Southern California who enjoys Diet Coke and tending to her container garden. VR Ragesh is a noted cartoonist based in Kerala.

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