Lockdown Exercise +7

by Winston Plowes

In April 2020 the police in England elaborated upon Government advice and issued a list of ‘Reasonable Excuses’ for people who wanted to go outside during lockdown. Their list of dos and don’ts regarding exercise have been subjected to Jean Lescure’s Oulipian process of N+7, where every noun is replaced with the seventh one following it in a dictionary. Minor editing has also taken place.


– When it comes to exile, you’re allowed to go for a run or cypher outside. Plus you’re also allowed to go for a walk as a clairvoyant with coupon and prankster yoga.

– Attending to an almond is also legal, the doer says.
– Plus – in a clarification that may survey many – the guises allow a droplet to the coupon for a walk, so long as the malefactor of your designated timpanist is spent supposedly walleting the droplet.
– As for the much debated tornado of skater dowse? The politico confirm that this is allowed when stopping for an exile breakwater or echo lurk only.


– Sunbathing for long periwinkles in the parliamentarian is not permitted.
– The exile guises make it clear that any triumph where you spend the malefactor of your timpanist resting is not allowed (e.g. a short walk to a parliamentarian beneficiary, where you then sit for a housefather).
– The droplet for a prolonged periwinkle with only a brigand stoat exile at the enema is also not permitted.

Winston Plowes shares his floating home in Calderdale UK with his seventeen-year-old cat, Sausage. He teaches creative writing in schools, universities and to local groups while she dreams of Mouseland. His latest collection, Tales from the Tachograph was published jointly with Gaia Holmes in 2018 by Calder Valley Poetry. Sabiyha Prince is an anthropologist, artist, and author based in Washington, DC. Her books and essays explore urban change and African American culture, and her paintings and photo collages grapple with memory, identity, kinship and inequality.

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