Stay-At-Home Pantry

by Lucinda Marshall

Jars of peanut butter in my pantry
            four, creamy, not chunky
Rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom cabinet
           I’d rather not say
Cans of beans stacked neatly in a storage tub
            enough to shoot a sequel to Blazing Saddles
How many times I’ve put on makeup this week
Number of days in a row that I’ve worn sweatpants
           seven, the grotty ones
Books that I’ve finally finished
Friends I’ve seen in person this week
Meetings held on Zoom
            too many
Obituary listings in the morning newspaper
            take up more pages than the Sports section
Confidence in our national leadership
Gratitude for first responders and grocery store clerks
Sleepless nights
            every second or third one
How many times I’ll see my granddaughter this spring
            only on Facetime
Date when we’ll leave for the beach
           not anytime soon
Days until my grocery delivery arrives
            three, maybe more
Substituted or unavailable items in that order
            some, maybe all
Closets I’ve cleaned so far
Blooming trees in my yard
Blossoms on those trees
            I don’t know, but maybe today I’ll count them

Lucinda Marshall‘s poetry has appeared in Broadkill Review, Rising Phoenix Review, Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, I am not a silent poet, Foliate Oak, Tuck Magazine, Stepping Stones Magazine, Columbia Journal, Poetica, Haikuniverse,  and ISLE, among others, and in the anthologies Poems in the Aftermath (Indolent Books), You Can Hear The Ocean (Brighten Press), Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me? (Beautiful Cadaver Project), and We Will Not Be Silenced (Indie Blu(e) Publishing). She hosts the DiVerse Gaithersburg Poetry Reading and Open Mic. Stella Bellow is an illustrator currently attending Parsons School of Design in New York City. 

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