The Last Today

by Uma Venkatraman

This day turns stale
crusty like old bread
tedium showing as
first hints of mold

This day is liquid
unable to gurgle
its way out of a
blocked time drain

This day is tired
of being today
unlike seasons
of winter melts
and spring blooms

This day wants to be
the last today
This day longs
to be tomorrow

Living in Singapore, India-born Uma Venkatraman is a journalist who has had poems published in anthologies such as Good Morning Justice, Along The Shore and Beyond The Hill, and online in L’Ephemere Review, The Rising Phoenix Review, and Plath Poetry Project. James Roper is the chief photographer of World Food, a book series from Penguin Random House, the first volume of which will be released in 2020. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas.

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